Investment opportunity- Iron-Copper-Gold


World Class Mine

Achatayhua Metals Peru (AMP), a company incorporated in Peru has invested considerable time and capital developing concessions in the Iron/Copper/Gold belt of Southern Peru. This has involved studies in geology, geophysics, metallurgy, processing and logistics. All these studies are available. 

The result of those studies are the conclusion that the “Achatayhua” project, on 3000 ha of leases near Chala, has the potential to become a huge and low cost Magnetite producer with a strong possibility of a substantial secondary line of income from Copper/Gold concentrate.

Landscape of mine site - Achatayhua Metals Peru
Four brothers at out crop - Achatayhua Metals Peru

The unique geography of the location means it appears feasible to generate all the mine’s power requirements by generating electricity from gravity, as we move the metals from their 3800 m elevation down to sea level for export. This mean this mine could be the world’s lowest carbon emissions high volume iron/copper/gold producer.

Optimum production at 20 Mtpa 65% Fe iron concentrate and estimated 250 Ktpa copper concentrate will require a significant investment but will have an Opex from Mine to Mill of around $35/t basis Nth Asia delivery. However, a smaller scale, pilot project of 3 Mtpa could be initiated within 3 years at a Capex around $25 Million and an Opex North Asia of around $50/t.