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Implementation Team

Mark - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Mark Newton

President and CEO

40 years experience; government,shipping and mining

“The team I have assembled to implement this project is of world class experience and expertise. This is evidenced by the positions they currently or have previously occupied. Of the persons below, all will be involved in the exploration, drilling, metallurgy, modelling, costings, analysis and engineering involved in the pre-feasibility study. Local Peruvian geologists, drilling companies and engineers, managed by Paulo Diamantino, will complete the implementation team. Monthly video conferencing will bring the team together and provide an opportunity for investors to be updated on progress.”

Ian Daymond - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Ian Daymond

Senior legal Advisor

45 years mining Legal & Commercial

Colin Donegan - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Colin Donegan

Technical Director Mining Engineer

44 years experience. Lead mine engineer for Boston Consulting Group

Jacob Rebek - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Jacob Rebek

Senior Geologist

Ex Rio Tinto exploration manager Sth America.

Greg de Ross - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Greg de Ross

Consulting Geologist

Formerly MD of ASX listed iron company

Capt Paulo Diamantino - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Capt Paulo Diamantino

Diamantino Project Director

Peru Ex Naval Sea Captain, diplomat, mechanical engineer and MBA. Holds 20% shares in AMP

Nigel Dunn - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Nigel Dunn

Metallurgist and Specialist Iron Ore technical analysis

Project Snapshot

This project combines four distinct but symbiotic components:

An innovative use of technology to reduce costs and carbon emissions simultaneously and ensure that the mine is extremely low cost and therefore “market proof” as well as a low carbon emission mine

Green energy system - Achatayhua Metals Peru

A huge quantity of iron mineralization of coarse magnetite which is easily and cheaply liberated to make a premium 67-68% Fe Iron product ( LOI to purchase from major trading company )

Geophysics - Achatayhua Metals Peru

Because of the zone, surface samples already assayed and the sheer size of the mineralization, it is highly likely that the mine will operate producing Copper-Gold concentrate of commercially significant value in addition to the high grade Magnetite


The mining and processing pathways mean that all Copper-Gold present in the mined and processed mineral will be recovered at small marginal costs, thereby adding strongly to the bottom line of the project and allowing reduction in cut off grades and extremely long mine life.

Achatayhua Mining Concessions

Megnatite with pick - Achatayhua Metals Peru
Copper - Achatayhua Metals Peru